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Tree of Life Ceramic Mug

Tree of Life Ceramic Mug

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The Tree of Life is one of the best-known nature symbols. It represents all life on earth, and how the different lives are interconnected. You can find the tree in Celtic and Norse mythology, among others. The stylish Green Tree mug is a great gift for any nature lover. Tree of life; meaning The Tree of Life is a popular symbol, you can find it in different cultures. Although the meaning differs slightly, it is certain that the tree represents all life on earth. He shows how all life on earth is interconnected. In Norwegian culture, the Tree of Life is called the world tree: yggdrasil. The Norwegians believed that the tree was the source of all life on earth. The Celts gave the Tree of Life another meaning: namely the connection of the underworld with the upper world. The branches of the tree reached to Heaven, and the roots to the underworld. The Tree of Life also pictures rebirth: the leaves drop in the fall, die in the



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