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Thor Chin Hair Oil

Thor Chin Hair Oil

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Our 2 oz. Beard Oil is a combination of oils and scents that make it a superior beard oil. The base of hemp, macadamia, ginger, argan, grapeseed, and sweet almond oils helps to moisturize your skin and hair while also helping to tame your wild beard. Vitamin E is our favorite ingredient in this blend because it helps coat the beard hairs and soften the coarsest of beards!

Whether you're looking for a beard oil product that will keep it moisturized and healthy or just want the ability to style your facial hair with more ease, this contains all of what is needed. The silicone-free formula has no harmful chemicals which make sure there are never any negative side effects from using our products over time such as breakouts on the skin due to harsh ingredients or fragrances often found in other brands' grooming items. 

2 fl oz



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