Tarot of Baseball

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Editorial Reviews Review The Tarot Of Baseball is a lively tarot deck and book combination steeped in the lore of baseball. Traditional archetypes are reinterpreted as baseball scenes. For example, The Fool's journey starts as The Rookie, gives a nod to The Money Player (The Hermit) and The Star Player (The Star), and ends as The Steady Veteran (The World). The Minor Arcana suits are bats, balls, gloves, and caps. While this isn't a spoof, it does poke gentle fun at the seriousness that surrounds divination, and the tone of the Tarot Of Baseball reminds one that Tarot (and life!) is a game. Instructions for playing a baseball game using the tarot cards are easily understood and applied. The Tarot Of Baseball is a unique and much appreciated addition to the lore and practice of the tarot. -- Midwest Book Review