Rose Quartz Bracelet

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Rose Quartz bracelets can be used with the intention to infuse the aura with the energies of love. The beautiful appearance of this light pink-colored crystal makes it perfect for jewelry pieces. As you wear your Rose Quartz bracelet you keep the crystal's soothing, nurturing energy flowing around you. These beautiful bracelets will add a touch of sophistication to your outfit.

The benefits of wearing a Rose Quartz bracelet:

  • helps to activate the Heart Chakra
  • enhances self-love
  • awakens love for others
  • awakens compassion
  • reduces anxiety
  • stress relief
  • attracts romantic relationships
  • encourages self-care
  • balances emotions
  • helps to activate the Throat chakra
  • encourages sincere communication
  • brings harmony in relationships
  • encourages self-forgiveness
  • encourages acceptance
  • helps to calm the mind
  • strengthens the physical heart
  • helps to reduce high blood pressure
  • increases fertility

Note: All Rose Quartz bracelets are unique and there are no two alike. You will receive a Rose Quartz bracelet similar to the one in this image. This bracelet will be a wonderful addition to your crystal jewelry collection and it can also be a meaningful gift for any occasion including Valentine's Day, Mothers' Day, Christmas, housewarming, birthdays or even for baby shower.