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Mystery Box $555

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A mysterious but delightful selection of things in our store. There are multiple variations you can choose from and when you check out you can send us any notes of things you might be looking for and we will do our best to accommodate. No guarantees. 

These gift boxes typically ship within 5-7 business days. Thanks for your patience!

Note: Since these are typically given as gifts, no pricing or order details will be included in the package.

Key Terms: (and examples)

Large Crystals* - more expensive, statement pieces (raw, freeform, spheres, points/towers, geodes)

Small with Mix Crystals - tumbles, small raw pieces (can be smaller spheres, points, carved)

Surprise Me Crystals - Just intuitively pick for me. I don't care which kinds. I love them all!

Mix It Up - select crystals, herbs, jewelry, pashminas, candles, incense and anything you think I'd love from the store. 

*more expensive which means a few less items in your box, but you get your beautiful statement piece.