Mini Spell Candles

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Various spell candle options available. Each candle is 2oz. Price is per candle.

Healing > clear quartz and elderberry with a blend scent of lavender, chamomile & honey

Intuition > labradorite and blue corn flower with a scent of cactus flowers

Love Spell > rose quartz and red rose buds with a scent of rose petals

Magik Money > aventurine and mint with a scent of peppermint

Meditation > clear quartz and chamomile with a blend scent of coriander, sage, lime, cedar and thyme

New Beginning > moonstone and rosemary with a blend scent of fresh vanilla cake

Peace & Protection > obsidian and lavender, mustard seed with a combo scent of lavender and sage

Protection > tourmaline and bay leaf, peppercorn, mustard seed with a scent of sage

Purification > selenite and jasmine with a combo scent of jasmine & sage

Serenity > amazonite and passion flower with a combo scent of lavender and cedar

Sleepy Witch > amethyst and lavender with a scent of lavender

Tranquility > fluorite and lemon balm with a blend scent of cherry, orange flower, jasmine and strawberry

Uplifting > citrine and lemon balm with a scent of bergamot and fresh lemon