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Meditation Cushion Blue Kids

Meditation Cushion Blue Kids

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This will make you happy! Small but nice: a light blue meditation cushion especially developed for kids in a suitable size, with a print of the yoga elephant. So you can practice together to sit in silence as an every day-ritual. Because of this, children:• experience more inner peace which benefits creativity and happiness;• sleep deeper and dream better;• improve their concentrations and performance;• gain more self-knowledge so that they deal more consciously with emotions; Meditation is part of a mindful lifestyle in which people develop their spirituality, inside and outside religion. The goal of meditation is to be with full attention in the here and now with your body and mind. You do this by focusing on something presents. Your breath is a frequently used anchor because you carry it anywhere and everywhere, but you can also use a tealight, mantra, visualization or statue.



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