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Meditation Smudge Stick 4"

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Meditation Sage is a balanced blend of Frankincense, Myrrh & White Copal Resin. Meditation Sage suitable for all your ritual cleansing and smudging needs. Especially blended for use in Meditation Rituals. Use this for daily maintenance or a deeper energy cleansing session to remove negativity and create space for uplifting and positive energy to come in. Purifies the air, Disperses negative energy, Protects the spirit, and is Soothing and relaxing. Light one and allow the fragrant smoke to carry your prayer and magic. String color may vary. 

Approx Size: 4"
100% Organically Grown Herbs.
Each Smudge Stick May Differ

This listing is for 1 x Meditation Smudge Stick 4"

*For more information on how to use your sage please see our "How to" located on our Sages page